How does it work?

At Sinus & Snoring MD, our goal is simple - to deliver un-compromised care in an uncomplicated manner. By attending to our patients' care in this manner we focus on what is important - identifying what’s wrong and developing a personalized care plan to fix it, permanently.

No used-car sales approach, just us in your corner every step of the way - and with Sinus & Snoring MD the steps to treating your allergy issues are simple:

  • No-risk, No-obligation Consultation
  • Allergy Testing
  • Treatment
  • Follow-up (or as we call it follow-through)

Have questions on our approach or on how we can help you find the allergy relief you need, give us a call.  Or come in for a no-obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

allergy testing

A deviated septum, chronic sinus infection, nasal polyps, nasal tumors, and other issues can all produce sinus allergy-like symptoms. To avoid missing a diagnosis that would make your sinus-allergy therapy ineffective, our Board-Certified ENT complete a thorough evaluation before testing. Sinus and Snoring MD is pleased to offer pain-free testing.

Overview of Our Allergy Testing & Treatments

Skin Allergy Testing

Skin Allergy Testing

The simplest way to test for allergies is with skin testing. Skin testing involves placing tiny doses of the common allergens in the superficial skin.

Allergy skin testing does not require needles and is painless. Within 15 minutes of administration we will have the results of your skin test and can begin developing a personalized care plan for you.

Overview of Our Medical Therapies for Allergies

Allergy Drop Therapy

Our office offers the convenience and safety of allergy drop therapy. This form of immunotherapy is given with a custom suspension of the allergens the patient reacts to made into a small vial.

Allergy Drops are taken once a day under the tongue to reduce the patient’s allergic response. No needles, no trip to the doctor, and effective for kids and adults. Safe for asthmatic patients and also for patients on Beta Blockers that normally cannot have shot therapy

Other medical Therapies

  • Antihistamine Sprays
  • Immunoglobulin Therapy
  • Oral Antihistamine and Leukotriene Inhibitors
  • Nasal Steroid Sprays
  • Saline Rinses

Overview of Our Minimally Invasive & Surgical Allergy Treatments


Sinus passages are highly sensitive areas in our bodies designed to adjust to the conditions around us.  When those sinuses become blocked or inflamed, they are unable to perform as they should, causing painful migraine headaches, sinus pressure and snoring. For many people this is where they turn to the pharmacy aisle for relief, unaware of how quickly and non-invasively this can be treated.

Balloon Sinus Dilation, also known as Balloon Sinuplasty, is a non-surgical treatment that helps to open these passageways, (get you out of the pharmacy aisle) and get you back to sleeping and breathing deeply.

Endoscopic Polypectomy

Recurring extensive surgical therapies over many years can be painful and expensive. Modern office based Polypectomy procedures can be done safely and with comfort using intravenous sedation without the need for general anesthesia in our procedure room.

Combined with Balloon Sinus Dilation Polypectomies can provide long-lasting results without all the downtime and expense. Comprehensive management in our Allergy Testing and Treatment Center can also dramatically reduce polyp recurrence.


The passages of the nose are regularly separated into two equal-sized cavities by a formation known as the septum. At times this delicate structure can form crooked or become deviated through injury. When it does, normal breathing and sinus function on one side of the nose can be impaired, leading to snoring, sinus pain and other common conditions.

Endoscopic Sinuplasty is a simple in-office procedure designed to repair these structures and restore the optimal functioning of the sinuses, getting you back to breathing and sleeping the way you should.


Turbinates are the structures in the nose that filter and humidify the air we breathe. At times they can become inflamed or enlarged by allergies, sinus infection, or septal deviation. This can cause congestion, difficulty breathing, snoring and headaches.

Turbinate reduction is a simple in-office procedure designed to alleviate the inflammation, opening airways to function as they should.

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