Allergy Testing

How Is Allergy Testing Done?

Sinus and Snoring MD - ENT Family Clinic tests for allergies using two methods. The simplest way to test for allergies is with skin testing. Skin testing involves placing tiny doses of the common allergens in the superficial skin. Skin testing does NOT require any needles and is painless. Within 15 minutes, we will have the results of the skin test and we can formulate the ideal therapy for the patient.

We also test for allergies using blood testing (RAST). Blood testing can be used for those that cannot have skin testing.

Allergy Testing Overview

An Animated Look

This video depicts an animated simulation of the Allergy Testing process at Sinus and Snoring MD.

Do Allergy Tests Hurt?

Fortunately, modern allergy testing does not require any needles and is virtually painless. It is very well tolerated, even for children.

How Long Does Skin Testing Take?

Allergy testing is very quick and only takes about 30 minutes. This includes the testing as well as reviewing your allergy history form. This history is very important because many times patients have significant allergies isolated to the nose and those won’t be detected during our skin testing. We need to make sure those allergens are also included in your customized therapy.

Side Effects Of Skin Tests

Although skin testing is considered safe, these tests do cause a small area of contact dermatitis at the site of application. This may result in a mild version of systemic reactions. Side effects of these skin tests include itchy skin for a few hours. In very rare cases, more serious reactions may occur. Patients are able to return to work or school immediately after testing.

Can Children Be Tested For Allergies?

The only requirements from our patients are the ability to be still and understand the allergy testing process. The age this occurs varies from child to child but most children can easily be tested by age 5. If they are too young to be tested by skin testing we can still do blood testing (RAST).

Should I Stop Medication Before My Consultation?

Our office will give you a detailed list of medications that need to be stopped before testing and for how long. Antihistamines, some antidepressants, some nasal spray, among other medicines are included in that list. Patients must also be off of Beta Blockers.

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