Allergy Season is Just Around the Corner

Temperatures are dropping and seasonal allergies are rising and as kids of all ages start getting ready to go back to school, either virtually or in-person, Sinus and Snoring MD has a few tips to stay safe this fall.  As the leaves start to change color, so do our sinuses.  Pollen is the main cause of summer and fall allergens and can be fixed with a simple trip to our office!  For people who have minor seasonal allergies, our allergy drops are the perfect alternative for people who suffer from seasonal allergies but don’t like painful shots

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Fix your seasonal allergies with Sinus and Snoring MD’s allergy drops

Seasonal allergies are a problem that nearly 50 million Americans face each fall or spring. Yes, the over-the-counter allergy meds work, but not as well as a personalized treatment from Dr. Swerdlin. Now is not the time to be caught in public with a stuffy nose or sneezing, try our allergy drops today!

As temperatures start to change, you may begin to notice that your throat or nose is increasingly dry whenever you wake up.  It turns out that waking up with a dry nose is not normal, and Dr. Swerdlin can fix it!  We offer minimally invasive procedures to ensure the maximum comfort for our patients.  Waking up isn’t fun to begin with, we’re here to make it as easy as possible.  

Staying Safe Means Keeping Clean

Staying clean is the new thing, but not for us at Sinus and Snoring MD.  We have been using the same sanitization procedures for years, so keeping our facility clean is second nature to us.  We believe that coming the doctor’s office should mean getting the help you need, not getting sick in the process. 

Whether you snore at night, wake up with a dry throat or have seasonal allergies, Sinus and Snoring MD has the cure for you. We urge you to call or book an appointment today to feel the difference!

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