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Drew Hetz, PA-C

A Physician Associate graduate from Marquette University Physician Assistant (Associate) program, trained in primary care medicine. Enjoyed ENT (otolaryngology)  and cardiology specialties, however, have since shifted primary interest to otolaryngology.

"I spend a lot of my time outside of work with my wife working on our newly purchased home. In our spare time, we enjoy playing board games and drinking coffee with family and friends! Additionally, music has always been a significant part of my life so much that I participated in choirs throughout my education. In the future, I hope to learn to play the guitar and possibly join a community choir.

I first came to Sinus and Snoring MD as a student during my clinical rotations, at which point I developed meaningful relationships with the patients and staff. My interest in ENT continued to flourish throughout the rest of my education as I sought to find a career that I could make real and significant improvements in patients’ everyday lives through patient education and treatment.  This experience influenced me to return to Sinus and Snoring MD following my graduation, where I now work full-time. I love meeting new patients and assisting them through their journey to better breathing. The best part of my job is following up with patients for nasal debridements and seeing the look on their faces when they take a REAL breath in through their nose."

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