Employee Spotlight: Michelle, Front Office Manager

Michelle is our front office manager and is in charge of scheduling our patients and keeping Dr. Swerdlin on schedule; she practically has two jobs! She has been with Sinus & Snoring MD for 5 years this July and without her our office would not function! Any question our patients may have, Michelle has an answer. She has been an incredibly valuable employee!

Let’s learn more about Michelle!

What is your hobby? Any interesting or fun facts about you that you would want our patients to know?

I enjoy being outdoors during all seasons! My favorite outdoor activities include fishing, four wheeling and boating! A perfect day would begin on the lake and end on the lake.

What is your favorite thing about working at Sinus & Snoring MD?

You never know what you are going to experience on any given day. Working collaboratively with Patients, Doctors and Co-workers for successful outcomes and the satisfaction of seeing patients walk away feeling much better then they did ; it makes all the craziness worth it!

List three words that best describe you:

Outgoing, Friendly and Witty

What is one food you can’t live without?


If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Time Travel!

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