What is an Endoscopic Polypectomy?

An Endoscopic Polypectomy is an in-office procedure offered by Sinus and Snoring MD which employ a small telescopic device to view nasal polyps and a special suction instrument to carefully remove them from the nasal passages.

Endoscopic Polypectomies are typically performed in conjunction with balloon sinus dilation and a sinus wash to clear the associated sinus infection.

What Are Nasal Polyps And How Do They Form?

Nasal polyps are soft tissue growths that form in the nasal cavity and the sinuses. They typically form as a response to allergy or infection and are not cancerous.

Nasal Polyp Symptoms

Nasal polyps produce severe congestion, mouth breathing, and snoring. They are also typically associated with chronic and recurring sinus infections.

An illustration of nasal polyps which are commonly treated with an Endoscopic Polypectomy

How Can I Prepare For Treatment?

Our patients are given a thorough endoscopic exam and a mini-CT scan in our office so we can review the extent of the polyps. Patients will be given a date for their office procedure and they will be instructed to arrive without eating or drinking before. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and patients can typically go home about 15 min after the procedure.

Can The Polyp Return After Treatment?

In most cases the polyps will not return if we are successful in also clearing the sinus infection and managing the allergies. In some more rare conditions the polyps tend to recur and may need regular removal over time. Fortunately this removal each time involves minimal discomfort and fast recovery.

Are There Any Alternative Treatments?

Antibiotics and allergy medicine can be of help as well but removal of the polyps is the only way to cure this condition.

Endoscopic Polyp Removal Recovery

The patient will have a cold like sensation for a few days and 1-2 days of bloody nasal discharge. Most patients do not require pain medicine and will work the day after the procedure.

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