Free Yourself from Seasonal Allergies

Crisp apples. Thanksgiving dinner. Warm soups and hot beverages. Colorful fallen leaves and spiced pumpkin everything. The sights, smells and tastes of fall are a treat for the senses - or at the very least they should be.

Sadly, for scores of people, this time of year is not about savoring but suffering. For those people, fall is the harbinger of “hay-fever,” bringing with it sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat symptoms.  These hay fever (aka allergic rhinitis or seasonal allergy) symptoms, are commonly triggered by pollen and mold spores, and interfere with your senses of taste and smell, making it hard to revel in the season. 

Some of the triggers of fall seasonal allergies are:

  • Ragweed, a common cause of allergic rhinitis, pollinates in late-summer or early fall and doesn’t end until a hard frost occurs
  • Mold spores, triggered by lingering summer weather with strong wind and humidity.
    • Raking leaves (or bailing hay) can stir up pollen and mold that had settled

Common convention (and commercial product advocacy) suggests these symptoms should be treated with over-the-counter remedies. However, the nature of these products is such that relief is impermanent and bound to bring you back to the pharmacy aisle. 

Fortunately, for allergy sufferers, there is a better way. Medical testing and treatments have advanced to provide lasting relief from seasonal allergies. With pain-free and shot-free, these solutions can be administered in-office - often without the referral of a primary care physician. 

Sinus & Snoring MD - ENT Family Clinic offers several pain-free, shot-free options, many of which can be completed in under an hour.  

Get back to enjoying fall festivals and pumpkin farms, and find lasting relief. Seek a diagnosis for your allergies and explore treatment options that fit your needs.

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