Happy Earth Day-Our Climate is Changing!

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Today, April 22nd is Earth day, a particularly important day for everyone, everywhere! This past week you may have noticed a significant amount of publicity about climate change on the news and on social media surrounding Earth day.

In this post we will talk about Climate change on a local level as well as some ways that Sinus & Snoring MD is lessening their environmental impact. Our Marketing Associate, Jimmy is particularly passionate about climate change and because he writes the blogs, he gets the opportunity to write about something that hits home for him!

Local changes in our climate are already evident.

Typically, when you think about climate change you think of polar ice caps melting or deforestation. Although these things are happening, Illinois and Wisconsin are not worried about a declining polar bear population.

Illinois and Wisconsin residents love our summers and despise our winters! The seasonality we have come to appreciate will become much more extreme in the next 100 years. According to a recent publication by The Nature Conservancy in Illinois, average 5-day maximum summer temperatures in Northern Illinois could rise to 100-110° Fahrenheit on the extreme end of their model. That means more money spent on air conditioning and deodorant!


Not only will temperatures rise, but we’re expected to get more rain! That means less days on the lake and more days inside during the summer. More rain also means more flooded basements and soggy shoes. And with temperatures rising, humidity will also rise meaning those summer rainstorms will be extra dreadful.

Jimmy, this doesn’t sound good at all. What can I do to change?

Spend your money consciously!

One person cannot save the world or even the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin region, but we can purchase products that better the environment! Think about products you purchase regularly or use daily like soap and clothing. Soap from Method Home lathers faster in the shower and is packaged in recycled bottles. Their soap gets you cleaner, faster, reducing the time you spend in the shower.

Clothing brands like Nike, Saucony and Patagonia are also great examples of companies reaching for a higher purpose. Nike and Saucony are starting to produce shoes that are made from 100% recycled materials, lessening their environmental impact. Patagonia recycles their old jackets and creates new ones, reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

If buying recycled products isn’t your thing, support companies that help others!

Social Enterprises like HHPLIFT are companies with a higher purpose of helping other people. Through my graduate program at DePaul, I had the opportunity to work with HHPLIFT last quarter. My group helped launch a new product line pictured below.

Pictured above is some lifestyle photos of the ecoLIFT product line that I helped market during the winter quarter of my Social Enterprise class.

HHPLIFT creates workforce development programs throughout the world providing people with fair-trade work opportunities for artisans with limited access to fair wage employment.

Their marketplace features a handful of hand-crafted products from around the world that you could use in everyday life! HHPLIFT’s products help people. Purchasing a product from them will make you feel better about where you’re spending your money!

So, what is Sinus & Snoring MD doing to minimize their impact?

We partner with Stericycle, a medical waste company committed to minimizing their impact. Medical waste is a tricky business, but Stericycle has put initiatives in place to minimize their impact on our climate. They provide a variety of environmentally friendly options for disposing of medical waste safely and effectively.

We recycle…A lot!

By now you know that we opened a new office in Mount Prospect, Illinois. With any new office comes a massive number of deliveries! All these deliveries created a mess of cardboard and other recyclables that could end up in our dumpster. We chose the cleaner option and took all our recyclable material to an offsite recycling center in Rolling Meadows. Checkout the picture of our office before one of my trips to the recycling center!

Bottom line, we can’t move to Mars anytime soon, Earth is all we got!

Earth Day is important and it’s time to make a change any way you can! Purchasing products with a purpose is the easiest way to make a change plus being a conscious consumer benefits the Earth and your wallet!

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