Happy Holidays from Your Nosiest Doctors

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Happy Holidays from Dr. Swerdlin, Dr. Plein and their team! Although this holiday season is unlike any other, there is still some creative ways to spread cheer. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past 9 months its to appreciate the little things in life, and obviously Netflix.

The past year has brought our office a lot of changes. While we were shut down earlier this year we spent some time planning for when we would eventually open back up. During that time we acquired all the necessary PPE and even some fancy air purifiers. When we were allowed to re-open we did so carefully and safely and are happy to be seeing patients currently. We hired a new Physician and a new Physician’s Assistant. Dr. Colleen Plein and Mario our PA are the two newest additions to the Sinus & Snoring family and we are incredibly excited to have them join us.

Dr. Plein received her medical degree from the University of Chicago and together her and Dr. Swerdlin have over 30 years of experience. Dr. Plein will be seeing patients in both of our Wisconsin locations and is a highly experienced professional.

Dr. Plein (Left) and Dr. Swerdlin (Right) in our Oak Creek waiting room.

If you’ve been following us for the past few months, or have been inside our office you probably spoke to Mario our Physician’s Assistant. Mario has been a great addition to our team and our patients love him. His #1 priority has been testing all our surgery patients for Covid-19 and some say he gives the most comfortable Covid-19 test in the world. Some have even asked Mario to stick other things up their noses, and although he really is that gentle, we generally advise against that.

Aside from Mario’s inviting attitude in the office, he has many other talents. He speaks 5 languages fluently, quite a handful if you ask us. He also has great taste in Italian food, something our office is extremely thankful for.

Enough about the new people…What else is going on?

Not much to be honest…

We are still operating business as usual, or as usual as business can be at this time. We’ve been feverishly sanitizing everything around our offices, and maintain correct social distancing whenever possible. We may have to stick our finger up your nose but we promise, we’re professionals.

In Oak Creek, we helped sponsor The Hunger Task Force for their virtual food drive. For those who don’t know, The Hunger Task Force is Milwaukee’s premier food bank and they are committed to fighting hunger locally. This year the food drive has been altered from Miller Park to your laptop.

We want to know where The Hunger Task Force is shopping for groceries… a simple donation of $12 can buy 30lbs of rice, that’s a ridiculous amount of rice at such a low price! Its as easy as clicking here to make your donation, we really appreciate it and we know the city of Milwaukee does as well. 🙂

Its the holiday season, which means one thing. Its time to take advantage of your unused insurance benefits before they expire…I’m kidding. It means this year is almost over, finally! Do you too feel that the past 9 months have been a blur? Well we sure do! Personally we’re surprised how unclear this past year has been, so much for 2020 vision.

Allow me to be serious…

We can’t tell you how many patients come into our office suffering with simple sinus conditions for their entire life. Sometimes a 30 minute visit with us can fix a lifetime of bad breathing. Things like constant headaches or fatigue can be signs that you suffer from a sinus condition that can be very easy to treat!

If your significant other has been keeping you up at night, and refuses to see someone about it. Schedule an appointment for them and then lie to them about where they are going. Visiting us may be your last and only hope. Reminder; We’re being completely serious.

Thank you all for the constant support throughout this year, without our patients we wouldn’t be able to mildly entertain you through these blog posts. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday and cheers to a new year well deserved!

If you’ve made it this far, we would like to leave you with some valuable wisdom.

You can pick your friends. And you can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose!

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