How to Have a Virtual Holiday Vacation

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Everyone has been stuck in their house since March of last year, and after awhile you need a good escape. Here at Sinus & Snoring MD we encourage vacation as much as possible, as we feel it is a necessity of life, or at least I do….

While I wait to hear back on the specifics of the company vacation policy, I figured why not find a few fun ways to escape! Whether it be from the cold or the family party you can’t stand, below are some free tips to escape the drudgery of every day life.

Get the Adobe Photoshop free trial!

Look how Beautiful Moab is this time of year!

With 3 simple tools, you can vacation anywhere across the United States and beyond! Today I went to MOAB, Utah and the Grand Tetons, next week I’m considering Europe but we’ll see how much time I have. Photoshop gives you the unique ability to visually go wherever you can think of. And if we’re being honest, most vacations are meant for those spicy Insta posts anyways. Use photoshop instead, its only $10 a month.

If anything, learning some basic photoshop skills cant hurt and you might end up having some fun with it! At the end of the day, this is something to do that allows you to be more creative. Its important to laugh during a time like this, hopefully you laughed at the images above.

Re-Arrange Your Living Room

That’s right! sometimes all we need is a little change in our lives, and I would argue there isn’t anything more thrilling than changing your living room layout. The idea of moving your favorite couch to a different area can produce some anxiety! Next thing you know its the coffee table, then the TV, of course you have to make sure there is plenty of outlets.


Listen, re-arranging your living room is no joking matter. But it might be exactly what you need. Sometimes a new perspective of the TV can lead to a new perspective on life…we think.

Have a Paper Airplane contest in your Basement


Lots of basements across the country sit empty, or full of junk. Clear some space and throw some paper airplanes around. You’d be surprised how much time you can spend folding paper and throwing it across your basement. Its even better when you incorporate some friendly competition. All of a sudden you’ve been in the basement for half an hour throwing paper across the house!

Okay, I get it these things don’t sound particularly exciting but its something to do. I think we overvalued having something to do before the pandemic started, now something as simple as buying gas gives me unnecessary excitement just to get out of the house.

And if you have nothing left to do…

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