Sinusitis; The 5 Most Common Symptoms

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Sinusitis affects over 37 million Americans each year so Dr. Swerdlin and his team have sat down together to list the five most common symptoms they see in the office. Sinusitis can also be caused by the growth of polyps in the lining of the nose. Polyps are non cancerous, and are nothing to worry about, but can lead to loss of smell and trouble breathing.

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  1. Drainage down the back of the throat, also called postnasal drip
  2. Inflammation around your eyes, nose or throat
  3. Reduced sense of smell or taste
  4. Nasal congestion or obstruction
  5. Thick, Discolored discharge from the nose

Sinusitis has a lot of the same symptoms as sinus infections or the common cold, but can be much more chronic than these mostly seasonal sicknesses. For starters, sinusitis can last up to 12 weeks which makes it more severe than a typical sinus infection.

Your degree of Sinusitis will depend on your treatment. The more severe your condition the more likely Dr. Swerdlin will suggest surgery. Granted, the word surgery often scares people but our procedures are minimally invasive and our patients go home the same day. But if you catch your sinusitis early enough, you may just need some antibiotics. Check out some of our patient testimonials to see how easy our procedures are!

Dr. Swerdlin urges everyone to make an appointment if they are having trouble breathing through their nose. Typical problems people live with on a daily basis could be fixed with one simple procedure. Take the time and book an appointment to feel the difference!

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