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Stop plugging your ears, fix your nose at Sinus and Snoring

At Sinus and Snoring MD we like to solve the problem at the source by fixing your snoring through your sinuses.  Simply put, snoring starts from an obstruction in the airway, and your sinuses are in charge of your airways. A sinus condition could most likely be the culprit for those sleepless nights, and with our minimally invasive procedures we can help you breathe better.

We do most of our snoring procedures in our office, and we accept most insurance providers without a referral.  We understand that our patient’s time is precious, which is why we offer all our imaging and procedures in our office, so you spend less time traveling.  Treating our patients like family is our priority so we are now offering free second opinions.  Because we are a smaller clinic, we can offer a higher level of care than some of our bigger competitors.

Ditch the ear plugs and sleep better knowing your partner is too.  Sinus and Snoring MD is committed to solving your sinus problems with as little pain as possible.  While everyone is spending more time at home than ever before, sleep soundly with a quiet partner.

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