At Sinus and Snoring MD we love being able to positively impact the lives of so many. Our patients' satisfaction and quality of life mean everything to us. We're proud that so many share our sentiment and we encourage you to read their testimonials and stories.

Patient Testimonials

Hear and watch videos from three of our patients who endured struggles with sinus and snoring conditions, and who found lasting relief with the help of Dr Swerdlin and Sinus and Snoring MD.

Individual Testimonials and Experiences of Our Patients

From Our Patients

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John F.

Very professional . Did all the testing on my first visit so I didn't have to go back in multiple times. The entire staff was very helpful and friendly and answered all my questions. Dr. Was very nice and gave me answers right away. Would definitely recommend.

Cheryl R.

I'm so glad to have had the procedure done. I can easily breath through both sides of my nose now. There is no more snoring and I can finally get a good night's rest.

I thought life was causing my exhaustion. Nope

The dilation procedure and restructuring made a life changing difference for the better.
Thank you so much.

John H.

He truly is the best doctor on the planet. He really cares about his patients and makes you feel like part of his family. Absolutely wonderful experience over many years!

Jason Y.

Dr Swerdlin took the time to diagnose my sinus problems. I went to a different ENT prior to Dr Swerdlin and that doctor spent 5 minutes with me then told me there was nothing wrong. Dr Swerdlin spent close to 30 minutes and I truly felt like he cared about me and found what the problem was. I would definitely recommend Dr Swerdlin.

Michael W.

I have been to other ENT with no results. Dr Swerdlin took the time to listen and fixed my issues.

I had my deviated septum fixed and my Uvula shaved down 10 days ago. No snoring!!! Husband happy!

This surgery was easy and no pain. I was eating normally within 2 days. No more issues.

Staff wonderful and efficient, rooms spotless,  I could go on about positive reasons you need to use this doctor. Wonderful experience.

Jean H.

My family member went to another ENT doctor in Kenosha who said "no one" does cauterizations anymore for nose bleeds. After a 3 day hospitalization for a nose bleed 2 weekends ago, Dr. Swerdlin saw him in his office a few days ago and did the cauterization the same day. My family member said to please write a "ten star review". Thank you Doctor and he also wanted me to say that everyone in your office was excellent as well.

Catherine M.

Fantastic! everyone that you interact with genuinely cares to see you get to the bottom of your sinus problems.

Jacqueline H.

Dr Swerdlin cured my snoring and I finally am able to go on a vacation with my family without having people fight over not sleeping in the same room with me thank you Dr. Swerdlin

Mike K.

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