Top 5 Reasons to consider Balloon Sinus Dilation

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  1. Balloon Sinus Dilation can cure your pain, pressure, congestion and nasal discharge that is holding you hostage and ruining your quality of life
  2. Involves no incisions and no removal of bone or tissue
  3. In-office procedure and requires only local anesthesia
  4. Minimally invasive with little to no bleeding at all
  5. Most patients can return to their normal routine just a few days after having the procedure

The Best Part: The best part about Balloon Sinus Dilation is its unbelievable success rate. The ENT science journal, The Laryngoscope, recently published the results of a study, and it clearly demonstrates that balloon sinus dilation is successful 97.5% of the time with a dramatic reduction in patients sinus related complaints. This is measured by the Sino-Nasal Outcomes Test scores (SNOT). There were very significant reductions in the work/school days missed, homebound days, physician/nurse visits, acute sinus infections, and antibiotic prescriptions. The average recovery time was only only 1.4 days. What’s more, patients have been followed for an extensive period of time to monitor their sinus condition after balloon sinus dilation. Patients improvement were evaluated at 6 months, 12 months, and up to 24 months after the procedure. There was no recurrence of their sinus issues over time. If you are tired of chronic sinus infections and nasal congestion, the time is now. Call ENT Family Clinic of Wisconsin today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Swerdlin.


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