What is VIVAER®?

Vivaer® is a non-surgical treatment designed to treat nasal airway obstructions like nasal valve collapse. Using low-temperature radio frequency (RF) waves, the Vivaer system helps to shrink tissues that would otherwise block airflow.

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  • No Incisions
  • Performed In-Office
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What is Nasal Valve Collapse?

Nasal valve collapse occurs when the nasal sidewall or nasal valve area becomes obstructed by tissue. Already a narrow channel to begin with nasal valve area, when obstructed can restrict or prevent airflow through the nose.

Do I have Nasal Valve Collapse?

There are a number of sinus or nasal conditions which can cause difficulty breathing or sleeping. As a consequence, while there are self-assessment measures such as “Cottle’s Maneuver” which can be done to “test” for Nasal Valve Collapse, we recommend seeing a licensed medical professional.

Cottle’s maneuver involves placing one or two finger tips on your cheeks on either side of your nose. Gently press and pull outward away from the nose. If doing this helps you breathe more easily through your nose, you may be a candidate for a Vivaer® in-office treatment.

What is Vivaer Recovery Like?

Because the treatment is non-surgical, patients are generally able to return to work or school following the procedure. Tenderness and inflammation at the treatment area, can be common in the first days following the procedure but are regularly managed without medication.  

Crusting at the treatment area and congestion may also occur for the first few weeks following the procedure. In these cases the Doctor may recommend using a nasal rinse or spray to the treatment site.

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