Your Nose Works Harder Than You Think

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We spend a lot of time picking noses and we thought you should know a few fun facts about what’s inside.  Your sinuses aren’t just up your nose to create mucus and make you sick twice a year, they have some very important functions.  But we still agree with you, your sinuses can be pretty annoying…

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First, your sinuses are an integral part of your ability to taste and smell.  In fact, your taste buds only help identify smells while your sinuses do all the tasting.  So next time you feel like asking Dr. Swerdlin to remove your sinuses, remember that you won’t be able to taste that delicious steak dinner next weekend.

            Your sinuses are so strong they do much more than just taste.  They also help filter the air that goes into your lungs, providing heat and moisture to cold, dry air in the winter.  Humans are also known to smell better than they can see, which means those little things in your forehead have a lot of stuff to do, no wonder you get the occasional headache.

            Regardless of how you feel about your sinuses, they are working awfully hard in your head.  Sometimes those chronic stuffy noses or headaches could be telling you something. Whether you have trouble breathing, snoring, or notice yourself falling asleep in the middle of the day, your sinuses might be the culprit. Dr. Swerdlin can help you breathe better with a variety of our in office procedures. Sinus and Snoring MD is here to help with all your sinus problems, call or go online to schedule an appointment today.

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