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Allergy-like sinus and nasal symptoms, including runny nose, nasal post-drip, sinus pressure, and nasal congestion, can be caused by conditions such as a deviated septum, chronic sinus infections, nasal polyps, and nasal tumors, or other issues. For 25 years, Dr. Swerdlin and his team at Sinus & Snoring MD have helped patients identify the issue and restore their ability to breathe better.

Our ENT experts will complete a thorough evaluation, before our allergy testing, during a Sinus and Nasal Consultation, to ensure a proper diagnosis and successful treatment.

With Sinus and Snoring MD, the steps to treating your allergy issues are simple:

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Allergy Testing

Our clinics offer a simple needle-free way to test for allergies by skin testing. Skin testing involves placing tiny doses of common allergens on superficial skin.

Our allergy skin testing does not require needles and is painless. Within 15 minutes of administration, we will have the results and can begin developing an allergy treatment plan custom to our patient.

Allergy Treatment Options

Allergy Drop Therapy
(Sublingual Immunotherapy)

We offer the convenience and safety of sublingual immunotherapy, commonly known as allergy drop therapy. Within a small vial, this form of immunotherapy is administered with a custom suspension of the allergens which caused a reaction in the patient during our allergy testing process.

Allergy Drops are taken once a day under the tongue to reduce the patient’s allergic response. This painless and convenient method is effective for kids and adults. It has been proven to be safe for asthmatic patients, as well as for patients on Beta Blockers.

Other Allergy Treatments

  • Antihistamine Sprays
  • Immunoglobulin Therapy
  • Oral Antihistamine
  • Leukotriene Inhibitors
  • Nasal Steroid Sprays
  • Saline Rinses

Balloon Sinus Dilation

Balloon Sinus Dilation offers a solution to open blocked sinus passageways and provides relief for various sinus and nasal conditions including chronic sinusitis, recurring sinus infections, chronic sinus pressure, and even sinus migraines or headaches.

Endoscopic Septoplasty

The passages of the nose are regularly separated into two equal-sized cavities by a formation known as the septum. At times this delicate structure can form crooked or become deviated through injury. When it does, normal breathing and sinus and nasal function on one side of the nose can be impaired, leading to snoring, sinus pain, facial pressure, and other common conditions.

Sinuplasty is a simple in-office procedure designed to repair these structures, restore the optimal functioning of the sinuses and get patients to breathe and sleep better.


Tonsils are glands in the throat designed to fight infections. Ironically though, these glands can themselves become infected and enlarged, causing discomfort and obstruction in the throat and airways.

As a corrective measure, a routine surgical procedure may be necessary to remove the tonsils.  By removing the tonsils, your breathing and sleeping can be restored to their proper function.

Endoscopic Polypectomy

Recurring extensive surgical therapies over many years can be painful and expensive. Modern in-office Polypectomy procedures can be done safely and with comfort using intravenous sedation without the need for general anesthesia in our procedure room.

Combined with Balloon Sinus Dilation, Polypectomies can provide long-lasting results without all the downtime and expense. Comprehensive management in our Allergy Testing and Treatment Center can also dramatically reduce polyp recurrence.

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Recent Patient Testimonials

The doctor and staff were fantastic – they explained everything they did in detail and they were so accommodating.

– Kris R

Dr. Swerdlin made the experience great. He took the time to explain everything. I never waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room and less than that when I got in the exam room. In all I had 3 procedures done at one time. I had septoplasty, sinus balloons, and removal of the uvula. Now I can breathe out of my nose, I sleep all night long, and I no longer snore.

– Kevin C

By far the BEST ENT Doctor around! Dr. Swerdlin did myself and our daughter’s Sinus surgeries and have never been so happy with the results! Thank you to you and your Amazing Staff for always making us feel so special every time we come in! Highly recommended!

– Renee L

Dr. Swerdlin is amazing with an outstanding attention to detail! He and his staff are caring, friendly and professional. I am so happy that I Chose this clinic to take care of my sinus issues and the best part, I don’t snore anymore!
Thanks Again,

– Jodi S

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